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Part # RR10PCB-LED (Road Runner - With/ LED Switches & STD. Bracket)

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We believe that the Road Runner Switch panels are the best Electrical Switch Panels available in the Industry; "For Quality and For Price". We designed in an internal PCB that will handle up to 120 Amps with (4) 40A Relays. Designed with a Master Switch (Amber Switch) that with one touch, will activate four take-down functions rated at 40A per Switch (Green Switches). On top of that we have added five independent 20A rated switches (Red Switches). On the back of the panel, we have eliminated the cumbersome wire harness and replaced it with a Euro Style Terminal Block where all you have to do is strip your incoming wires, insert into silos, and tighten down with screws built into the terminal block.

The Road Runner Switch Panel comes with an external ATO Fuse Block on the back of the Panel with ATO Fuses attached. It also comes with (10) snap-in legend inserts and a Legend Sheet with (54) Legend Choices.  We use internal Super Bright Green LED's for our Backlighting which will last up to 100,000 hours. The panel also comes with a Standard "U" Style Mounting Bracket. We also offer a Console Mounting Bracket for an easy fit in your Console.  

Also sold by our customers under Part Numbers of SB4425T (Star & SVP) and Part Numbers SP1040PCB-LED and SP1040PCB (Bonner & Associates).

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