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Part # RR77137N02 (J-Block Single 3/8" Stud)

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Gain control of your battery and power distribution connections with this versatile product provided by Road Runner Connect. This is an excellent and economical method for providing clean ground and power connections.

The 3/8" single stud J-Block will safely handle 160 AMPS continuous @ 12VDC and 350 AMPS @ 5 minutes max., 12VDC when correctly matched with wire and terminals sized for this device. The rugged and durable design of this 3/8" terminal block makes it ideal for mounting in the most demanding locations. The sturdy base construction and elevated shoulder provides for extra strength and elevated protection for all connections.

Comes in two color options: Black for Ground connections and Red for Power connections. 

Specs: 1) Material: Glass-Filled Nylon 2) Connection Posts: Stainless Steel  3) Connection Nuts: Stainless Steel  4) Flat Washers: Stainless Steel  5) Spring Washers: Stainless Steel


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